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A Big Honor For UnofficialSF: Some of Our Components Just Got ‘Officialized’!

As you can see from this new post from Salesforce evangelism, Salesforce has officially recognized the work being done by the Flowhana, and in particular by Eric Smith (Quick Choice), Chris Van Der Merwe (Calculate Business Hours), David Entremont (Save Records Async), Enrico Murru (Evaluate Formula), and Andrii Kraiev (many of the actions). I worked with Philippe Ozil from Developer Evangelism, as he picked a selection of components, polished them up, added tests, and then created a new Automation Components repo.

I’m pleased with this on several levels:

Managing Things Going Forward

Developers can contribute code changes via pull requests to the Automation Components actions, and they can continue to contribute to UnofficialSF. The process for Automation Components is more formal than what we do here. Philippe, the repository manager, says “it’s good to validate interest with a question first then have a PR. Then let’s be clear about best practices and code coverage reqs.”

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