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Check out the Latest Datatable Enhancements

It’s been a few months, but I hope it has been worth the wait for some of the fixes and enhancements you’ll see in the latest version of Datatable.

I squashed a couple of bugs including:

A few of the minor enhancements are:

The two big enahancements are the addition of an optional Search Bar and the ability to set a Column Width as Fixed or Floating.

The Datatable will simultaneously support both a Search term as well as individual Column Filters.

With the new Flexible Column Width enhancement, you can now fix some columns to be wide or narrow and allow the remaining columns to flex their width to expand or contract to fill the available space for the Datatable.

Before this option, if the column widths were too wide for the screen, the user would have to horizontally scroll back and forth or manually change column widths to see the full Datatable.

Now, the Column Wizard lets you select all or none of the columns to flex or you can specify individual columns to have their width flexed to fit the screen.

Check out the updated documentation and get the latest installation links here.

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