Crazy Amounts of Flow Scheduling via the Schedule-o-matic 9000 by David Cohen

A powerful new scheduler with a very entertaining documentation and intro video. Has some similarities to Mass Action Scheduler and works with Apex as well as with Flow. Check it out!

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Hi. Just a little confused, what is the difference between this and the Schedule-Trigger Flow?


Hiya, Rachel. This is just a little something I built that started off as a proof-of-concept, until it became something bigger. It gives you a variety of scheduling options. For example, you can schedule something to run twice a day… or every 5 minutes! (Tough to think of a use case for the latter, though.. but who knows!) You can also schedule not only Schedulable classes, but batch classes as well. And even blocks of Apex code. It’s also easy to modify the job after its been scheduled, as when you Submit, a “Schedul-o-matic Entry” record is created with your… Read more »

Alexis C Kasperavicius

This is a cool idea and can use it to automate a number of processes.

Unfortunately after installation and setup to run a flow every 60 minutes, it seems to fire and even reschedules itself to fire again in the next hour, but the flow itself never runs.

I’ve reinstalled, double-checked and can’t figure out what to review. Any place to go for assistance?