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Dreamforce Slides – 10 Ways to Get Creative with Lightning Components

These are the slides and embedded animations I presented at Dreamforce ’19. There was no video recording but an audio recording may be published by Salesforce in the next few months.

The session synopis was: The focus of this presentation is to encourage and excite creativity in how you can improve the user experience in your Salesforce orgs. I will demonstrate how 10 different Lightning Components can be used to do some very interesting things in both Lightning Record pages and screen-based Flows. I have either created or enhanced most of these components and they are all available, with source code, for free online. They range from simple to complex, but all of them can be used in ways you may not have thought of before to bring out the best in your users’ experiences. The components are designed to be generic. No coding is required, and all can be customized and configured with built-in parameters.

Slide 9 – Horizontal Rule
Slide 10 – Horizontal Rule
Slide 12 Animation – Large Text Area
Slide 14 Animation – Toggle Field Button
Slide 15 Animation – Toggle Field Button
Slide 16 Animation – Toggle Field Button
Slide 18 Animation – Visual Picklists
Slide 19 Animation – Visual Picklists
Slide 21 Animation – Redirect Flow to New Record
Slide 23 Animation – Dependent Picklist
Slide 28 Animation – Datatable
Slide 32 Animation – Navigation Button
Slide 33 Animation – Navigation Button
Slide 35 Animation – Lookup
Slide 38 Animation – Image Button
Slide 39 Animation – Image Button
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