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Easy Export of Records to CSV, Courtesy of Narender Singh

Back on March 31, we put out the first Chance for Glory Narender Singh responded quickly with a great action that takes uploaded CSV data and converts it to records in Flow. A few commenters note how useful it would be to be able to go in the other direction, and Narender has written a solution for that as well, available here.

Here are the inputs:

            @InvocableVariable(label='Object API Name' required = true)
            public String strObjectApiName;
            @InvocableVariable(label='Save file with name' required = true)
            public String strFileTitle;
            @InvocableVariable(label='Add time stamp to the file name?'  )
            public Boolean boolAddTimeStamp;
            @InvocableVariable(label='List of Records' required = true)
            public SObject[] lstRecords;

The action outputs a single Content Document Id, which makes me realize exactly what we need next: A File Download screen component! Perhaps that will be the subject of the next Chance for Glory.

Well done, Narender!

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