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ersQuickSwitchApp Instructions

Instructions for ersQuickSwitchApp

After installing ersQuickSwitchApp from the package file into your org, you will need to create at least one Custom Metadata configuration record as well as a Static Resource file named App_Images.ZIP.


Manual Metadata Record Creation

To manually create a configuration record, go to Setup and search for Custom Metadata Types.  Select QuickAppSwitcher and then select Manage QuickAppSwitchers.  You can also go here to edit an existing configuration record.

Select New, then give your configuration a Label.  In the three large boxes enter your parameters separated by commas (no spaces).

Parameter Details


List, in order, the API names of each of the Apps you want to include in this setting.  Standard Apps need to be preceded by ‘standard__’, Custom Apps need to be preceded by ‘c__’, and Managed Apps need to be preceded by their namespace and ‘__’.


List, in order, the names of the image files from the App_Images Static Resource file.  Do not use file names with a space in them. Be sure to show the extension correctly. Example: .png is different from .PNG.  See these links to learn how to create a ZIP file.


List, in order, the alternate text you want for each of your Apps.  This will be the text that is displayed when the user hovers the mouse over the App image.

Guided Metadata Record Creation

To make it easier to configure the metadata records, I built a Flow to guide you through the App selection and build the metadata records for you.  

In Setup, open, then run the included Flow named ersQuickSwitchApp Custom Metadata Configurator.

On the first screen enter the name of the Custom Metadata record you want to create or replace.

The next screen will show a sortable datatable of Lightning Apps in your org.

First, click on the link in the Image Link column.  This will take you to a dialog box where you can save a copy of the image that is currently being used as the App Logo.  

NOTE: You will select these files later when you create your App_Images.ZIP Static Resource.

After you have saved the image, click the Select button, then click Upload Files and select the image file you just saved and then click Save.

Repeat the above steps for each additional App you want to add to the Configuration Record.

When you are done selecting the Apps, click Next.  The Flow will automatically create your Custom Metadata Record for you and you will be presented with a final confirmation screen reminding you to make sure your selected images are added to the App_Images.ZIP file.

See these links to learn how to create a Zip file of your saved images.

The final step you need to take before you start using the component is to select Static Resources in Setup and then select the App_Images resource.

Select Edit

Select Choose File

Finally, select the file you created earlier.

Adding the Component to Record Pages

To add the component to a Record Page, open the page in the Lightning App Builder and drag the ersQuickSwitchApp component to your page.

There are only two attributes you need to set:

Continue adding the component to different record pages for the same object so you can easily jump back and forth between Apps.

Adding the Component to Utility Bars

To add the component to a Utility Bar, go to Setup and search for App Manager.  Select Edit for the App you want to update.

Select Add Utility Item and then choose ersQuickSwitchAppUtilityBar.  

Set the properties as follows:

Continue adding the component to different App Utility Bars so you can easily jump back and forth between Apps.

Created By: Eric Smith
February 2020

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