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Feedback and Comments

Feedback and Comments

Having an Issue with a component?

Post a comment at the bottom of the component’s main Post. But also consider asking for help on the main Automation Trailblazer community, where there are a lot of Flow experts.

Want to reach us?

Send an email to We can’t promise a response, but everything does get read. We love hearing about new Flow extensions that we can highlight. Don’t use this email for tech support, though. If you’re having trouble getting something to work, your best bet is to post a comment on the most pertinent blog page or try the UnofficialSF or Salesforce Automation Trailblazer Communities.

Have something to share and interested in a place you can blog about it where people will read it?

The number 1 place for reaching Flow users is the main Automation Trailblazer community. However, it’s not a great forum for persistent content. We encourage anyone who has something useful to contact us. We’ll post your blog. This community is regularly getting 5000 page views per day of highly interested users of Flow, Next Best Action, and Lightning Pages.

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