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Welcome to the unofficial source of resources for Salesforce’s Flow product. Here, members of the community seek to provide a starting point for all useful Flow information.

Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Developer Note: Flow Combo Box Now Supports Automatic Output References

Here’s what Flow Combo Box displayed previously: As of FlowScreenComponentsBasePack version 2.3.7 and higher, Flow Combobox also makes automatic references available:

Use Salesforce Flow to Make No-Code Web Callouts

The new DataMapper package of actions provides a way to easily create web callouts and powerful new data mapping solution that allows data to be extracted easily from JSON text. This post introduces the Make HTTP Action that is included in DataMapper. Easy HTTP Calls We’re going to start by retrieving exchange rates via an […]

Use DataMapper to Convert Web JSON to Salesforce Flow Objects

The DataMapper package provides two Flow Actions that can be combined in different ways to achieve powerful transformations between Salesforce objects and JSON. We’ll demonstrate this using the JSON created in the example in the Make HTTP Call. In that example, a call is made to a foreign exchange web service and it returns the […]

Webhook2flow – Released

Webhooks2Flow – Need to integrate an external system with your SalesForce Instance using its out of the box webhooks  without programming? Webhook2Flow may be your answer. You can build webhook service endpoints in your Salesforce instance completely in Flow; 1) declaring the the interface with Flow Resources (“Available for Input” and “Available for Output”), 2) […]

Datatable – Latest Release Notes (v3.2.2 & v3.2.3)

Today, I’ve released a new version of the Datatable component. I’ve fixed a few minor issues and added a few new enhancements. The key changes are that pre-selected records are showing again, edited date fields should display the correct day (not the prior day) and there is a new Table Behavior option to hide the […]

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