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Welcome to the unofficial source of resources for Salesforce’s Flow product. Here, members of the community seek to provide a starting point for all useful Flow information.

Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Use Flows to Post Messages to Microsoft Teams

This new extension provides support for: Post Message to MS TeamsCreate Teams ChannelInvite User to Teams ChannelKick User from Teams ChannelDelete Teams Channel Post Message to MS Teams The Message data structure is discussed here: Input Properties subjectbody Output PropertiesmessageIderrorText The only Teams inputs we will support in this first version are Subject and […]

March Community Video ‘Flowcast’

Much like last month’s ‘Flowcast’ – I highlight a bunch of components, articles, and actions featured here on UnofficialSF – check it out in the link below! The description in the video has links to each of the articles mentioned – enjoy!

From Sharad: Style Your Flow with Headers, Banners, Rules, Formatting and More

In need of making your flows looks more like a Salesforce Standard Page Layout? OR Simply want to display customizable headers with icons, text, links, etc. in communities, home/record pages? This Flow extension allows you to display customizable headers in flow screens but also works anywhere on Salesforce platform. What Features does this component have? […]

From Josh Dayment: Improved File Upload in Flow Screens

Josh writes: One of the common things I hear from users when uploading files in a Salesforce Flow is that they do not know if the file uploaded. This improved File Upload component adds this capability to the standard File Upload. Add this to any screen flow you wish to enable for upload. Once the […]

Flow Datetime Methods

Flow Datetime Methods Created by Carl Vescovi This Post was most recently updated on: 3/27/21Current Version: 1.0 At the moment Datetime and Business Hours are not particularly well supported in Salesforce Flows. The intent of this code is to be a gap filler until such time as Salesforce delivers more functionality. The way this code works is […]

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