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From Adam White – Making a Dataloader on Guardrails in Flow: Featuring Mass Transactor

Over on my new blog Declarative Ninja I’ve made a video on on how I built a dataloader ‘on guardrails’ where you can take a CSV file and perform mass DML in a controlled environment via Flow. Check it out!

Use Flows to Track Unread Emails on Cases and Increase Case Management Efficiency by Vibhor Goel

Vibhor Goel from the blog https://www.accidentalcodersf.com/ has published a post showing how to Use Flows to Track Unread Emails on Cases and Increase Case Management Efficiency

From Tamar Erlich: Powerful new OpportunityPartner Solutions using Flow with Apex-Defined Types

I was recently tasked with a requirement to display a list of opportunity partners on a custom object related to opportunity. I planned to use a flow to get the opportunity partner records and then display them using the Datatablev2 Flow Screen Component available on this site. When I tried to create the flow, I […]

From Gidi Abramovich: Using Flow and Triggers with Custom Metadata Types to Dynamically Update Highlight Panel Images

As Gidi writes:  I wanted to display a flag image on the account object according to the ‘BillingCountry’ field.  Check it out!