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Approval Processes: Unlock Records in Lightning

When a record is submitted into an approval process, it gets locked. Sometimes it’s desirable to unlock the record manually. In Salesforce Classic, you do that via a button that shows up here: This button is not currently available in Lightning Experience, but it’s easy to add a quick action button to a record page […]

Use Controllable Display Text to Drive Your Flow Screens

This component is similar to the built-in Display Text component, but instead of formatting your text statically using a toolbar, you pass it formatting instructions at runtime. This lets you change the look and feel of a block of display text based on something you’ve just learned upstream in the Flow. Attributes Attribute Type Notes […]

Optimizing Lightning Component Inputs and Outputs in Flow Screens

It can be tricky to get the right combination of defaults, initialization, and remembered values when users start clicking Next and Previous in a flow that has lightning components. Here’s some background and some guidelines to get the results you want. Types of Mapping Mapping is the process where the outputs from an ‘upstream’ Flow […]

Custom Error Handling for Screen Flows

If you’ve been wondering how to use the new FlowExecutionErrorEvent platform event that was introduced in Winter ’20 to create custom error handling, this blog post over at the Salesforce Admins site has you covered: Alert the Right People with Custom Error Handling for Screen Flows in Winter ’20

Improved Flow Picker now filters on Flow Type

The Flow Picker has been updated to allow the filtering of the list of flows so that you can see “show me just the screen flows” or “show me just the autolaunched flows”. Install the updated version here: https://unofficialsf.com/display-a-picklist-of-flow-names-with-the-flowlist-control/