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Flow Action: Get Picklist Values

In my spare time I’m experimentally rebuilding Approval Processes on top of Flow and I recently had a need for a way in Flow to retrieve a set of picklist values that I could then work with. So I built a simple Flow Action to enable all flow designers to do this without code. It’s […]

Scaling to Thousands of Screens with Lightning Flow (AKA: the Troubleshooting Pattern)

In the common diagnostic use case, you have a tree structure of information and you work your way through the tree, gathering information and using it to determine the next diagnostic question. This is useful for important and distinctive use cases like troubleshooting and coming up with a good offer. Here’s an example: Now, the […]

Hosting Components on UnofficialSF

When we learn about a good component, we seek to: create a page for it on unofficialsf. This can either be a Post or a Page. make sure the install instructions on that page provide links to unmanaged and managed packages. Managed packages can be important if there are collisions between support files. For example, […]

Minimize the Window When a Utility Bar Flow is Finished – Evan Ponter

By Evan Ponter Flows are a great way to collect information from your users in a guided fashion. They can be added to the utility bar of an app for easy access no matter where the user navigates. But the normal behavior for flows in utility bars is an endless loop – when the flow […]

Getting Your Users Attention with Custom Notifications

Andy Fawcett explains how to use Notification Builder to add custom notifications with Process Builder and flows. He includes an ingenious method to use custom metadata types to get the notification ID for a subflow. Getting Your Users Attention with Custom Notifications