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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Datatable Component now supports Column Filters

Multiple people have asked for the ability to allow the user to filter the results being displayed in the datatable component. My most recent update to the LWC datatable component includes the ability to specify any or all columns to support the entry of a filter value by clicking on the column header. An additional […]

Pass Objects to Flow via REST with the Serialize/Deserialize Collection Actions

Neil Armstrong, a Flow ace in the Salesforce solution engineering corps, came by with a use case: I’m working on a Lambda function that can invoke flows via REST. Is there a way to pass in records? The REST API for Flow only accepts strings As Neil points out,the REST interface only supports string inputs. […]

New LWC Datatable Component!

The datatable Flow Screen Component has been one of the most popular add-ons found on unofficialsf.com.  Admins have found many great use cases for the component and we have been able to add some nice updates to it as well. One of the drawbacks to the component was the requirement to hard-code the Objects you […]

Demystifying Flow’s Custom Notification Action & A Possible UnofficialSF Use Case

I recently started trying out the relatively new Custom Notification action today and wanted to share my thoughts on two head scratcher inputs. Check it out I call out the Collections Processor package here on UnofficialSF One neat little combo would be utilizing some of the invoked actions found on UnofficialSF.com. You could use the […]

Using Custom Screen Components with Conditional Field Visibility to Create Dependent Picklist Combos

This scenario is common and powerful: you have a Flow Lightning Screen Component on the screen. Perhaps its an out-of-the-box component like Address or Lookup, or maybe it’s a custom component like QuickChoice. You want to have another component on that screen use conditional visibility and make the visibility dependent on the value of the […]