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Welcome to the unofficial source of resources for Salesforce’s Flow product. Here, members of the community seek to provide a starting point for all useful Flow information.

Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Data Fetcher on the AppExchange

Data Fetcher is a Lightning Web Component for Screen Flows that will query records based on a SOQL string, then provide an output of records (or single record) to be used on the same screen. What is so special about that you might ask? Well, let me tell you! With the reactive components beta for […]

Sneak Preview: Flow in Summer ’23

Here’s a preview of what’s coming for Flow in Summer ’23! HTTP Callout Actions Now Support POST as well as GET A beta implementation of POST is available, and the GET functionality is now GA. As you can see below on the left, with POST you provide a sample request along with a sample response. […]

Preview: Flow Features Drive Salesforce’s Newest Marketing Application

The Flow team has been working with Marketing Cloud to add Flow-powered journeys to next-generation Marketing features and services. The first capabilities are rolling out in Summer ’23. To access them, you’ll need a Salesforce org based on the newly renamed Starter Edition (This is the edition that previously was named Salesforce Easy and before […]

New component added to the Flow Screen Components Base Pack

Version 3.1.0 of the Flow Screen Components Base Pack now includes a new Draw a Line flow screen component that can be used in place of the older horizontalRuleFSC component. The component can also be accessed in the Lightning App Builder for use on Record, App and Home pages. Click here for more details.

Barcode Scanner For Flow Now Supports Continuous Scan

The Barcode Scanner for Flow now supports continuous scan functionality, this means you can scan multiple barcodes keeping the device camera open to capture as many barcode values into a single text collection for use in Screen Flow. To see all details visit the original post here and for a quick demonstration of continuous scan […]

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