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From Nick Sauer: Present a Map with Markers in Flow

The multiMapFSC component is an LWC upgrade of the previously available Aura version of presenting a map inside of Flow. Additionally, there are a few upgrades included to toggle between address or coordinates (Latitude & Longitude), as well as to show or hide the list view next to the map. Preparing Our Input Data In […]

New features have just been added to the Datatable component

DatatableV2 Flow Screen Component There is now a new Output Parameter that passes back the number of Selected Records.  This helps with being able to easily check later in your Flow to see if any records were selected.  This feature can also be used to set Component Visibility for components on the same Screen as […]

From M Hamza Siddiqui: New Styling Options for RecordDetail Screen Component

Nice add, Hamza! Styling Options You can apply SLDS classes to the MAIN BOX of this Screen Component. The major classes for themes are: slds-box slds-theme_defaultslds-box slds-theme_shadeslds-box slds-theme_shade slds-theme_alert-texture More Details: https://www.lightningdesignsystem.com/utilities/themes/ To use this, set the input attribute The default values is “slds-box slds-theme_default” But not limited to these classes but you can also add other […]

From Aidan Harding: An expert Apex developer analyzes Flow vs. Apex tradeoffs and experiences

Thoughtful article here. Check it out.