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Mass-Modify Record Type Visibility on Profiles and PermSets with SetupViaFlow

SetupViaFlow is a new installable extension that lets you define changes to Record Type Visibility in Profiles and Permission Sets. This is normally done here: Assigning Record Types to Profiles Assigning Record Types to Permission Sets In real Salesforce usage, orgs can have a lot of these objects, and admins have been asking for some […]

FlowBaseComponents 1.3: Now with QuickChoice and Dual List Box

We’ve added QuickChoice and DualListBox to FlowBaseComponents. Another change: the size of fbc_MetadataService was reduced by converting spaces to tabs. Install here.

New Flow Action that will show Governor Limits

The Get Limits component is designed to assist with exposing Salesforce governor limits within Flow via a simple unmanaged package.  In many instances in order to get to this data, you need to dig through your flow’s debug logs to determine there’s no potential issues.  This app allows you to easily surface that information within […]

Join the Multicolumn Screens Pilot

Enable this pilot to see a new component in Screen Builder: Section. Each section can be divided into up to 4 columns. Customers can use Sections to create multi-column layouts on their screens, and then embed whatever screen components they like in those components.  To register for the pilot, you currently need to request access […]

Now Display Rich Text and Custom Links and Images in Datatables

Thanks to a great addition from Kevin Hart (datapharmer), you can now display Rich Text, Images and Custom Links in your Datatables. When you view a regular Listview with a Rich Text field, this is what you will see. Here are the same records displayed in the Datatable component.  Notice the Rich Text, Images and […]