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Collection Actions for Flow (Sort, Filter, Find, Join, Map, and more)

This package contains new Flow actions that are designed to manipulate any SObject or collection of SObjects. This means that in one Flow you might use them with a collection of Accounts and in another flow a collection of Leads. Install Current Version Installation links at the bottom of this page. Video Demo Updates New! […]

Let’s Get Toasty!

There has been a simple Show Toast action available on unofficialsf.com that you could use in a Flow to display a pop-up toast panel with a message of your choice. Recently I’ve seen users asking for things like being able to control the display time or including a clickable link in their message. I decided to add […]

Spring ’20 Flow Feature Preview

I’m pleased to share some of the upcoming highlights of Spring ’20. Trigger on Record Change Events Flow Builder now allows you to trigger on record changes, but there’s a catch: in Spring ’20, our support extends to “Before Save” triggers but not “After Save” triggers. The practical ramification of this is that when you […]

Session Videos from Dreamforce

Here’s a list of all of the Flow sessions and their video links and slides(where available). Sorry about the formatting. Credit: Sam Reynard and Dary Hsu Session Name Recording (only available for breakouts) Slides Speaker(s) Track Format The Future of Automation on the Customer 360 Platform https://www.salesforce.com/video/7772150/ John Kucera, VP Product Management, Salesforce Platform Breakout […]

Creating a unique collection in flow by GORAV SETH

GORAV SETH shared a quick tip on his blog about a way to create a unique collection in flowhttps://goravseth.com/creating-a-unique-collection-in-flow