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Import and Export Flows between Salesforce Orgs

Import and Export Flows between Salesforce Orgs Have you ever wanted to copy or move a Flow or Process Builder from one org to another without having to create a Change Set or rebuild it from scratch? How about seeing a great Flow that you or someone else has created and would like to share? Install […]

Create, Delete, or Update Tens of Thousands of records at a time in Flow with the new Mass Transactor Action!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what might be one of my favorite new actions: The Mass Transactor Action! We at CapTech Consulting looked for the most impactful action for both our clients and the community, and decided it would be extremely powerful to enable Flow to run Creations, Updates, and Deletes of records […]

Carry out Advanced Flow Scheduling with DateMatcher

The DateMatcher action lets you achieve more precise scheduling of your Schedule-triggered Flows, enabling you to run Flows that activate on ‘the third Wednesday each month’ or the ‘the 23rd of August, each year’. Here’s how you configure it: Note the use of a Custom Property Editor. The action compares the current date/time to the […]

Launch Screen Flows Automatically When a Record Changes with ‘Detect and Launch’ Page Component

Suppose you have a screen flow that you want to automatically launch whenever you’re on a record page and the record changes. Most likely, this will be because you just edited the record. As an example, suppose you want to make it so that every time a Case is edited and its priority changes, a […]

Ensure Your Record Collections Have the Latest Data with Recalculate Formulas and Refresh Record Collections

Update on 9/2/20: RecalculateFormulas – New Action Coming Soon The original recalculate formulas action posted last week actually required a text collection of field names. I went ahead and created a new action that is a bit simpler to use – this new action now just takes an input collection and outputs a collection with […]