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Dreamforce Slides – Enterprise Application Development With Flow and Next Best Action

These are the slides I presented for this developer track session. Here’s the video. The session synosis was: As a developer, you can leverage Flow and Next Best Action to multiply the impact of your code. Learn how you can turn your work into declarative building blocks, and how you can delegate management and configuration […]

Dreamforce Slides – Advanced Flow for Admins

These slides are from Alex Edelstein’s flow session for admins. A recording will be published officially by Salesforce in the next 1-2 months. The presentation synopsis was: Ready to drink from the firehose? We’ll cover multi-flow application development, scalable “decision tree” patterns that enable non-Admin management of flows, lightning web component use in Flow screens, […]

How to make a field POP on the page

Sometimes you just want to make a certain field stand out on your page layout. The standard detail section for a Record Page shows all fields the same way. I wanted to be able to see, at a quick glance, what the Case # was on my internal Software Development Case record page. How could […]

Extract Text from Email fields, Picklist fields and More with the ExtractTextFromNonTextField Action

In one week I got these two requests from different flow users: Need to get the value from an Email field and turn it into text to pass into the new Send HTML Email action, which expects email addresses as strings. Need to get the value of a picklist field in a specified record. These […]