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New Enhancements to the recordDetailFlowScreenComponent

Right out of the blocks, this was a great new component for your Flows. In reading through some of the comments, I saw a need to add a few enhancements to the basic component. Since there was an Edit mode being offered, I added a Cancel button so the user could reset the fields if […]

Spring ’20 Release Readiness Live – Admin Preview with Flow Builder and External Services

This release’s admin broadcast includes not just a survey of Flow Builder improvements by product manager Shannon Hale but also a demonstration of Slack integration with Flow via an Enhanced External Service, presented by External Service product manager Liz Skaates. Check it out!

Spring ’20 Release Readiness Live – Developer Broadcast with Dynamic SObject Demo

The Developer Broadcast includes a section presented by Developer Evangelist Anny He that goes deep on creating a collection processor. Check it out!

Spring ’20 Flow “Release Readiness Live” Broadcast

This is the big one. Nearly 90 minutes of intensive Flow content, straight from product management. Check it out!

QuickChoice Update: Now with Column Width Control, Plus Bug Fixes

You can now pass in a number of pixels (default is 320) in the attribute “style_width” to set the width of the control. Problem preventing Get Layouts action from working in non-debug environments have been fixed. “ObjectAndFieldName” attribute has been removed to simplify the interface, which still has an Object Name and a Field Name […]