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Welcome to the unofficial source of resources for Salesforce’s Flow product. Here, members of the community seek to provide a starting point for all useful Flow information.

Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Easy Random Numbers Come To Flow

So I was reading this thread that mentioned random numbers, and then I read this great post about building a Blackjack game out of flow, and the Monty Python-caliber dry humor (which may or may not be intentional; I haven’t figured that out yet) about the complicated math necessary to generate pseudo-randomness. And then I […]

Guest Post: Duke and Luke’s Blackjack-in-Flow

While browsing reports of flow sessions at Dreamforce, I came across two guys claiming to implement an Entire Heckin’ Blackjack inside of Flow. This is My Kind of Dreamforce Session, but I wasn’t able to make it because they keep Product Managers very busy at Dreamforce. As of this moment I’m still waiting for the […]

The Horizontal Rule Flow Screen Component

Note: this is not an official Salesforce product and is not supported by Salesforce. Built a simple component recently that provides flow screens with this simplest of html entities. The wrinkle is that it’s styleable, providing an effective, colorful section header. Check out the video.

September Content Report — Flow and Components

In which we draw your attention to great things being written: Delete Records Using Process Builder Using the new Page Reference mechanic to pass query parameters from URLs into Lightning Components A great tutorial on Flow Stages by Jennifer Lee Another great tutorial by Jennifer Lee on Local Flow Actions Arnab’s introductory blog post covering […]

Salesforce Lightning Flow — Using Advanced SOQL

UPDATE: This post discusses how to make SOQL calls in Flow using apex code. However, there are also some installable components that let you create SOQL calls with point-and-click UI in flows. Learn more. It’s surprisingly straightforward to add a complex SOQL query to your Lightning Flow. The process involves creating a simple Apex class […]

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