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Flow Screen Components

Flow Screen Components

Flow Screen Components can be added to your flow screens to enhance the display, improve navigation and extend your user interaction and input capabilities.

Interested in developing your own Flow Screen Components? Learn more here.

ComponentDescriptionTypeLatest Update
Advanced Navigation Button (GravityLab)12 different features, including styling and quick actionsNavigation19_04_20
AgentScript Call ScriptingAdd high visibility scripting elementsDisplay20_07_24
Auto NavigateAuto-advance or finish a screen flow after a set amount of timeNavigation22_09_071
Barcode ScannerScan various types of Barcodes using a flow and the Salesforce Mobile App, Mobile Publisher for Salesforce, or Mobile Publisher for Communities in Flow screens.Input23_04_101.1.0
CarouselDisplay a set of slides in a continuously running carousel within a screen flowDisplay21_03_251.0.0
ConfettiBlasts confetti on a screenDisplay19_07_19
Controllable Display Text Drive the look and feel of your display text and customize the underlying URL's Display19_11_021.0
Convert to CSVImport a CSV from a screen. Supports Reactive Screens.Data22_12_291.0.1
Copy to Clipboard ButtonAdd a button to your flow screens to copy any provided content into the system clipboard. It provides an easy way to allow a user to copy and then paste the provided data elsewhere on their computer.Copy23_03_271.1.0
Custom FooterChange the labels on your footer buttonsNavigation19_07_03
Custom Headers, Banners, Formatting and More for your FlowsIn need of making your flows looks more like a Salesforce Standard Page Layout? OR Simply want to display customizable headers with icons, text, links, etc. in communities, home/record pages? This Flow extension allows you to display customizable headers in flow screens but also works anywhere on Salesforce platform.Display22_06_231.?
Custom Metadata - Create CMDT in a Flow using a CSV FileCreate/Update Custom Metadata type Records using CSV and FlowCustom Metadata21_02_23
DatatableInsert a rows-and-columns table into your flow screen. Select rows and then act on them. This is a great alternative to Dynamic Record Choice. Display / Input23_06_144.1.4
Direct Screen AccessDisplay a direct navigational button bar that looks like a path component.Navigation21-01-171.0
Draw a LineDraw a line and specify your spacing, thickness and color. Replaces horizontalRuleFSCDisplay23_11_141.0.1
Part of the Flow Screen Components Base Pack
Dual Listbox (Multiselect)Multiselect Dual ListboxSelection20_07_242.1.2
Dynamic Flow Progress ComponentDisplay 6 different kinds of progress indicators on your Flow screensDisplay22_02_121.0
Execute SOQL QueryExecute SOQL QueryData20_02_101.0
File PreviewerPreview a FileImages20_8_15
File Upload ImprovedThis custom file upload component displays the list of selected files.File Upload22_11_101.8.4
FlexcardThe Flow Flexcard Component presents collections of records in a neat set of actionable cards . You can populate each card with a set of actions that the user can take on the selected record.Display23_07_093.2.2
NOW PART OF Flow Screen Components Base Packs
Flow ButtonIntroducing Flow Buttons, Courtesy of Ryan CoxFlow Launching20_6_28
Flow Button BarFBB brings a more user-friendly interface, new features like icons and vertical buttons, and now offers two distinct “modes” of Flow functionality: Navigation Mode and Selection Mode.Navigation23_11_14NOW PART OF Flow Screen Components Base Packs starting with v2.3.4
Flow List PickerLet user select a flow from a list of flowsInput22_12_101.6
Form Factor HelperDetermine the user's form factorUtility22_9_111.1
Get GeolocationRetrieve and work with geolocation values returned by mobile devicesInput21_09_301.0.2
Google Calendar AlarmGet Google Calendar Event alarmsApplication22/9/111
Hierarchical ListDisplay an expandable collapsible list view of a record hierarchy.Display21_12_111.0
Horizontal RuleA customizable horizontal line, useful for section breaks and general organizationDisplay19_10_301.0
SEE the new Draw a Line component in the Flow Screen Components Base Pack
Icon DisplayDisplay Salesforce Icons on your Flow ScreenDisplay22_12_101.0
Icon PickerAdd a visual icon picker to your Flow ScreenInput21_06_02NOW PART OF Flow Screen Components Base Packs starting with v2.3.4
InputAn input control that can be configured to accept ten different types of dataInput22_10_101.0
(replaces 2018 version)
Image ButtonAdd Images to flow screens and access powerful css styling, including borders, margins, and paddingDisplay / Navigation18_11_29
LookupNow called Quick LookupInput22_06_111.0.3
MultishimAdd padding to screens to define their heightDisplay18_07_13
Navigation ButtonAdd buttons to flow screens that load objects and manipulate the flow. Focuses on different types of navigationNavigation22_09_091.7
Next Best Action RecommendationsShow Next Best Action recommendations on Flow ScreensDecisioning19_12_03
Picker - Object and FieldProvides a pair of picklists for selecting an Object and then a Field from that ObjectSelection23_11_14NOW PART OF Flow Base Packs
Play SoundPlay a sound Audio
Quick Choice (Improved Picklists and Radio ButtonsAdd picklists, radio button groups and visual cards that can use dynamic defaults, record-type-filtered picklist fields, and string collections. Now supports Dependent Picklists with Reactive Screens!Input23_07_232.41
NOW PART OF Flow Base Packs
Quick LookupAdd a combo box that searches and displays records from a specific object. Supports default values, filtering and Parent/Child lookups.Input23_07_061.2.0
Read-Only Field DisplayShow fields as read-only on the screen with the standard field look and feel.Display23_03_271.0
Recaptcha Flow Screen ComponentProtect a flow on a public community with the Google Recaptcha componentDisplay / Input20_08_10
Record Detail (show records)Display all or part of a record. All inline editing of records from inside FlowDisplay / Input23_07_061.9.1
Record Type PickerUser aware Record Type picker for FlowsSelection22_09_230.3.0
Record Type PicklistUp to 4 levels of Picklist dependencies with full support for Record TypeInput19_02_11
Rich Text DisplayDisplay rich text, including indenting, strike-through and other featuresDisplay19_11_01
Rich Text InputEnter rich text into a flow screenInput21_07_031.4.1
Schedule-o-matic 9000 (Flow Scheduler)Schedule flows with great granularity Utility20_7_24
Service Agent ScriptOFFICIAL Labs screen componentInput
Signature CaptureGet your end users’ signatures and save them in the Salesforce as Files.Input19_12_10
Swipe Left/Swipe Right MultiselectOFFICIAL Labs screen componentInput18_10_13
Text Area PlusAn improved version of the standard flow text area input adding a character counter and character limit.Display23_07_051.8
View PDF FilePreview a PDF file in a flowInput22_03_041.0.0
Visual Picklists
Datatable (open source) Insert a rows-and-columns table into your flow screen. Select rows and then act on them. This is a great alternative to Dynamic Record Choice. Open Source, Community, Many Configuration SettingsDisplay / Input19_11_30OBSOLETE
See new LWC Version
Datatable from Tigerface Systems A commercial/freemium datatable solution. Insert a rows-and-columns table into your flow screen. Select rows and then act on them. App-Exchange hosted and supports _all_ object typesDisplay / Input19_12_26
Datatable (LWC) Insert a rows-and-columns table into your flow screen. Select rows and then act on them. This is a great alternative to Dynamic Record Choice.

April 2020
NEW: LWC Version. Easy to configure and use, yet many more powerful and exciting configuration options.
Display / Input20_04_02OBSOLETE
See new V2 Version
Dependent PicklistA two picklist UI component where the values in the second picklist depend on what the user chooses in the first picklistInput
(Now Built Into Flow)
Dynamic QuestionCreate questions that show and hide additional questionsInput
(Winter '20 now has Conditional Field Visibility)
Flow Mergefield ComboboxDeveloper-only. Adds a combobox that shows all available mergefields for input mappingDeveloper20_11_27NOW PART OF Flow Base Packs
Speaking ScriptDisplay text in a prominent way optimized to be easy for an agent to read out to a customerDisplay18_02_04NEW VERSION ON APP EXCHANGE
Rating SelectorProvide a 5 Start Rating SelectorDisplay22_12_14
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