Dreamforce 19 Videos

Summer ’19 “Employee Engagement” Webinar (alt)

Spring ’19 Features Videos

Platform Release Readiness Live Spring ’19 Flow Video Admin Release Readiness Live Spring ’19 Flow Video

The New Flow Builder (Spring ’19)

Flow Builder Tutorial Videos Podcast Shannon Hale on the New Flow Builder MVP Brian Kwong on the New Flow Builder Rakesh Gupta (Automation Champion) Flow Builder and Variables Jennifer Lee Before and After Look at Flow in Cloud Flow Designer vs. Flow Builder – Multiple Records

Jennifer Lee Before and After Look at Flow in Cloud Flow Designer vs. Flow Builder

Flow Builder 101 youtube videos by Force501.org (set of 8 videos)


Get Into Lightning Flow Development (November 2018) Developing Applications with Flow (October 2018) Deep Dive into Flow (Originally for Salesforce Partners) (July 2018)

Developer & Advanced Videos

Dreamforce ‘Meet the Flow Developer’ Drill-down Session

Introductions to Flow

Introduction to Flow (TrailheaDx ’18 Session)

Focus on New Features

Orchestrate multiple processes with platform events (TrailheaDX ’18)

Older Demonstration Videos


Transforming Customer Service with Lightning Flow Bring Engaging Experiences to Life with Lightning Flow (April 2018)

Healthcare and Lifesciences

Integra Automate and transform Retail Industry processes with Lightning Flow


The GAP Delivering an Improved Patient Experience in Life Sciences with Lightning Flow

Healthcare and Lifesciences

Shire Lightning Flow: Automate critical Healthcare processes with Salesforce Healthcare and Lifesciences Pfizer Flows, Supercharged. Using Lightning Flow to Meet Challenging Industry Needs Financial Services Republic Bank Supercharge Industry Processes with Lightning Flow (Dreamforce 2017)