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Get Oracle SSN Via AWS

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Summer ’18 Installation

This sample local action makes a REST call to an endpoint running on AWS. The endpoint is connected to a python script that queries a SQL Server. The purpose of this is to demonstrate a use case where a non-Salesforce system is accessed via a direct javascript query instead of through traditional Salesforce mechanisms involving corporate firewalls.

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How It Works

As shown in the video above, this component takes a userid and returns an ssn. The only userids that will work, however are 4325 and 4326. Note that the social security numbers matching those values are shown in the image below.

This package includes a CSP Trusted Site record that instructs Salesforce to allow your org to connect to a specific public AWS endpoint.

See Create CSP Trusted Sites to Access Third-Party APIs


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Know a little javascript and want to add some improvements? {Pull requests are welcome}(/pulls) If you’re thinking of adding much complexity to the user interface, though, you probably should fork the repo, because we want to keep this baseline version easy-to-use.

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