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Refreshing and Reloading Pages, Screens and Recommendations in Flow
Jan 2nd 22

The Update Screen Local Action Refresh Record Collection action Keep Screen Flows in Sync with Record Data on Lightning Record Pages Triggering NBA Refreshes'Detect and Launch' Screen ...

Wiki: Screens and Screen Components in Flow
Dec 28th 21

WIKI: SCREENS AND SCREEN COMPONENTSOfficial DocsScreens TopicsMuti-select PicklistDynamic Forms for Flow  Developing for Flow Automation Wiki HomeContribute to this page!

AI and Flow in Flow
Nov 14th 21

Connect Powerful Einstein Discovery AI To Your Flows About This WikiContribute to this page!

Flow Templates in Flow
Sep 3rd 21

back to Wiki HomeNote: this page is not about Text Templates. It's about turning Flows into Flow Templates.IntroductionsHere's a quick intro post about Flow Templates. And here are several video ...

The AutoProc User (Scheduling Flows, Triggering Flows, Permissions) in Flow
Aug 30th 21

Note: A more recent discussion of Automated Process User is available here. When Scheduled Flows run they do not run in the context of the User who created the Flow, as that's not considered ...

Working With Time in Flow
Aug 16th 21

Business Hours methods have been turned into installable Flow Actions here:'s also a Salesforce Labs ...

How to Report an Update in Flow
Aug 13th 21

back to Developing for Flow WikiWhen you provide a pull request that enhances an existing extension, here's the best practice for reporting it to the community:First, determine whether the change is ...

Custom Notifications in Flow
Jul 12th 21

<--BackBlog Post - Demystifing Custom NotificationsBlog Post - Getting your User's Attention with Custom NotificationsAbout this Wiki

Developing Flow Screen Components in Flow
May 15th 21

back to Development HomeOfficial DocumentationDeveloping components in LWC (recommended)Using events to transition flow screens and report value changesAdding Custom Property Editors to Flow Screen ...

"Location" Field Considerations in Flow
May 7th 21

Before Summer '21, If records  include a Geolocation field and the variable containing them is used as the input of something else, an error would occur. This was fixed in Summer '21. The fundamental ...