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Developing Flow Screen Components in Flow
May 15th 21

back to Development HomeOfficial DocumentationDeveloping components in LWC (recommended)Using events to transition flow screens and report value changesAdding Custom Property Editors to Flow Screen ...

"Location" Field Considerations in Flow
May 7th 21

Before Summer '21, If records  include a Geolocation field and the variable containing them is used as the input of something else, an error would occur. This was fixed in Summer '21. The fundamental ...

Submitting Extensions for Publication in Flow
Apr 2nd 21

We love publishing extensions!General guidanceReach out to us (you can post here) and show us what you've built.In general, we'll agree to post your extension unless it overlaps too much with existing ...

Wiki: Flow Builder in Flow
Jan 7th 20

Official Docs Tour of Flow Builder Flow Builder vs. Cloud Flow Designer Blog Posts Converting Flow Builder Back to Cloud Flow Designer The Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Flow Builder

Flow Element: Loop in Flow
Jan 3rd 20

A loop is a Flow element that allows you to process multiple records at a time, through a collection. A loop executes the same logic on each item until the entire collection has been processed.The ...

Flow Element
Next Best Action in Next Best Action
Nov 19th 19

General PrinciplesRecommendationsStrategyElementsTips & Tricks

Next Best Action General Principles in Next Best Action
Nov 19th 19

Einstein Next Best Action is a capability in Salesforce that helps you make recommendations to either agents or customers in a very flexible manner. In this document we’ll explain how various s ...

Strategy in Next Best Action
Nov 19th 19

The strategy, as the name suggests, determines which recommendations need to be considered and filters out non-applicable recommendations.A strategy looks a little like a pipeline and also acts a bit ...

Recommendation in Next Best Action
Nov 19th 19

The recommendation, as the name suggest, is the recommendation that you want to make to the user.The recommendation is mainly the object for book keeping of the information around the recommendation. ...

Elements in Next Best Action
Nov 19th 19

For building a strategy you make use of several building blocks.Now let’s look at the various building blocks of a strategy. In the strategy builder the building blocks are grouped i ...