How to add additional employees to your Flow Orchestrations at no cost

Flow Orchestration has a unique licensing characteristic: when you purchase it, you can request no-cost Salesforce Workflow Orchestration User licenses for employees that aren’t already on Salesforce. These licenses are limited but are designed to enable employees who don’t normally have a need for Salesforce to participate in Orchestrations. This works because Flow Orchestration is paid for on a per-Run basis.

Here’s an example: Coffee Corp. purchases 1m runs per year of Orchestration. They also request 50 Workflow Orchestration licenses so they can bring their Compliance department onto Salesforce to participate in business processes involving regulated securities. They don’t pay anything for the 50 Workflow Orchestration licenses.

The Workflow Orchestration User SKU

This SKU has a zero dollar cost and can be bought with Orchestration Runs skus.

When a customer is provisioned with the Workflow Orchestration sku, they receive:

  1. A SalesforcePlatform User License
  2. A Company Community Permission Set License (“PSL”)

Additionally, the Salesforce account team is authorized to add:

3. an Additional Custom Objects PSL at no cost.

Note that this doesn’t get added automatically; the account team needs to apply it separately during quoting.

This combination of licenses enables the following:

SalesforcePlatform User LicenseThis provide the core user capabilities, enabling a user to be defined in Setup, giving them a login, and providing general Salesforce access.

It provides:

–Access to custom apps developed in your organization or installed from AppExchange. 
–Core platform functionality such as accounts, contacts, reports, dashboards, documents, and custom tabs.

Each license provides more storage for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition users.
Company Community PSLThis PSLbuilds on the Platform license and adds:
–Access to cases, and documents.
–Access to up to 10 custom objects and 10 custom tabs
–Access to custom tabs, Salesforce Files, Chatter (people, groups, feeds), and an Experience Cloud site.
-Read-only access to Salesforce Knowledge articles.
–Access to Content, Ideas, Assets, and Identity features
–Access to activities, tasks, calendar, and events
Additional Custom ObjectsAccess to up to 2,000 custom objects.

What you Don’t Get

Users with this combination of licenses:

Aren’t entitled to some user permissions and standard apps, including standard tabs and objects such as forecasts, leads, campaigns, and opportunities


User can’t be an agent, admin/dev, or sales rep.

Subscriptions may only be used to complete tasks assigned by an orchestration within the scope of the user license.

Nothing can be stacked on top of the $0 User License SKU – no addons can be purchased for the user license user to use.