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How to find out if the active versions of your flows are the most recent versions

Why would one want to know if the active version of a flow is the most recent version?

There are a couple of reasons why I need to know this information.

  1. I am deploying a large Project from a Sandbox to a Production org where by default, active flows are deployed as inactive.  I then have to manually reactivate each of the new flow versions and at some point I need to confirm that I have reactivated each of the deployed flows.
  2. I use subflows and I’m affected by a Salesforce bug* where the latest version of a subflow is executed instead of the currently active version of the subflow.  This can cause issues for users in an environment where testing is occurring at the same time updates are being developed and applied.

* Known Issue: The latest Subflow is run instead of the active Subflow

Read the full article here to find out how this is done and get the link to install the flow that does this into your org.

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