Load Visualforce Page with Parameters

Lightning Record Page Component

Installation – Install in Production

Sandbox – Install in a Sandbox

Source Code – Source code repository

Created by Eric Smith – February 2019


This is a generic Lightning Component that will load a Visualforce page in a new tab, passing in the RecordId and other user defined parameters. The original page will be redisplayed when the Visualforce page closes. The component supports both standard and console pages.

Using the Component

You can use this Lightning Component on a Record Page



  • Button Label – Text to appear on the Button
  • Button Variant – Button styling: base, neutral, brand, destructive, success
  • Domain Name – Your Production or Sandbox domain name (mydomain or mydomain–mysandbox)
  • Visualforce Page Name – The API Name of the Visualforce Page
  • RecordId Parameter Name – The name of the URL parameter for the RecordId
  • Additional URL Parameters – Any other URL parameters & values

Sample Usage

This screen shows the parameters being set when adding the component to a page.

Here is the component in action in a Console.