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Mergician – Make Unnecessary Formula Fields Disappear!

Here’s a great new Flow Action from the team at Gears Design. Use the Mergician app with Salesforce Flow to quickly and easily create custom copy for chatter posts, custom notifications & emails – or any other scenario where you need to leverage Salesforce’s merge field syntax in Flow. 

Ever tried to use default Flow functionality to create a notification using fields from your primary object and from related objects? Mergician eliminates the need for a doctorate in formula syntax when building your Flow!

Ever created formula fields on an object JUST to pull in details from a related record for notifications? With Salesforce Flow and Mergician, you can make these unnecessary formula fields disappear!

The Mergician application was designed to assist in ANY use case for leveraging custom chatter posts, notifications & emails in Salesforce Flow. With OOB Flow functionality, there is NO simple way to create a notification that includes data from the primary object and any related objects.

The app comes with an invocable method that can be leveraged within your Flow for exactly this purpose. There are two options available:

Notification by String
Flow action element that allows you to dynamically pass in your text via a string in your flow action.

Notification by Template
Flow action element which leverages an easily configurable Template object to build your notification copy. You can also use Template Translations to support multiple languages.

Available for FREE on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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