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New from Eric Smith: “Get Records IN” Flow Action

Get Records IN Flow Action

How many times have you wanted to do a Get Records in your Flow where the condition was that something be in a Collection of something else?

This idea on the Idea Exchange from over 7 years ago has over 16,500 points.

Flow: Support equivalent of SOQL “IN” condition in Record Filters

Until now, your only option, using standard Flow components, was to follow a bad design pattern and perform a series of Get Records inside of a Loop.  Not only is this a bad practice, oftentimes you could hit a limit of too many SOQL queries before your Flow could even finish.

With my new Get Records IN invocable Flow Action, you can now do a Get Records on an Object where the value of a field in that Object is IN a collection of other values.

Get all of the details HERE

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