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New Options available for the Quick Choice Flow Screen Component

In my org, we are working on a new way for our service agents to select Case resolution options. To improve data consistency and accuracy we are adding descriptions to our Case resolution options. The initial thought was to create and display a datatable with a column for the resolution and another for the description. I wanted a better way to visaully display these two items. I found something I liked in the Lightning Design System called Visual Picker. At the same time I saw the new Quick Choice Flow Screen Component which offered an easy way to present and select choices using Radio Buttons or a Picklist. I decided to enhance the Quick Choice component to also support some Visual Picker options.

I added a new Input Mode called “Visual Text Box” and used the existing collection parameters to pass in the choice labels and choice descriptions.

To extend this even further I added new options Include Icons in Text Box? and Icon Size and created a third collection parameter (Choice Icons) for the icon names. See the complete icon selection at

Click here for a complete description of what this great new component can do.

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