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Participating in UnofficialSF

We’re always looking for people who want to get involved! You don’t have to be a Flow expert.

If you’re an Admin looking to get more involved with the Flowhana…

Some great ways you can help build the site:

If you’re a Beginner Developer looking to build your skills:

Our Developer resources start here. Consider taking an existing extension and improving it in a small way. That way you don’t have to start from scratch. When you’re done, create a pull request to contribute your improvement to the published versions of the source code and the package

If you’re a Seasoned Developer looking to build your profile in the community:

I’m thinking of building an extension. What guidance do you have?

The two best ways to proceed are to either:

  1. create a new extension that solves an existing user problem that is either not possible without code, or takes too many steps, or is too complicated
  2. start with an existing extension and improve it by adding a useful feature or capability

The one thing that we recommend against:

  1. Duplicating functionality that exists already in an extension on the site. The problem with this is that users end up having to figure out and choose between similar extensions. For example, suppose you try the Generate Collection Report component and realize that it would work better with 3d graphics, and you create a separate extension called Generate 3D Reports that has most of the functionality of the original Generate Collection Report. At this point, users have to either choose between them or try to manage them both, which can be confusing. It’s just so much better for everyone to add and improve existing components, when there’s a fit. There are definitely exceptions. Sometimes, it just makes sense to start over. But this is the exception and no the rule.

Should I add a Custom Property Editor to my extension?

Yes! It’s a huge usability win to add custom property editors. Learn more here. You don’t need to start from scratch; just take an existing CPE for something like Send Better Email, Datatable, or Lookup, and modify the code.

Where can I try out ideas and get feedback?

Feel free to post to either the broad Salesforce Automation community or the smaller Unofficialsf community. For established developers of Flow extensions, there’s also an invite-only private Slack channel. In the future, we’ll have a public slack channel for extension discussion.

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