Contributing to the Wiki

Please contribute. This part of UnofficialSF is designed to be publicly edited and added to. Let’s create a great one-stop source for all the information that’s not in the official docs.

Submission Guidelines

  1. You can either Edit an existing Article or Create a new one.
  2. Add new docs freely, but only if you’re adding coverage for a new topic. Don’t add a page that’s likely to get confused with another page .
  3. Topics should be conceptual and not specific. So “Custom Settings and Metadata” is a good topic. But “My demo where I did 5 cool things with Flow” is not.
  4. A doc should have a clear focus. In that respect, it’s different from a typical blog post.
  5. Cross links between docs are highly encouraged. Also, always provide a parent doc (that’s at the bottom of the edit page)

There’s a Trailblazer discussion group about this website here that you’re welcome to join.

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