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Pilot FAQs-Einstein Next Best Action on Flow (Blog 4 of 4 series)

Check out these blogs for an Overview, Tutorial and More considerations for Pilot

Here are a few FAQs you may have. I ‘ll start with the obvious one – Is Strategy Builder Going Away?? ..

Is Strategy Builder going away? Why do we need 2 ways to build the same thing? 

Great Question! No, it is not going away anytime soon. However, the good news is you stand to get a ton of great new features on the builder, Reporting and Display enhancements, templates etc that will be available on the new Recommendation Strategy Process type. You also get to enjoy some great platform features such as  templates, versioning, advanced debugging capabilities etc right off the bat! Stay tuned for the beta in winter ‘22. In other words, we’d hate for you to loose out on all these cutting edge flow features, so while we will continue to support Strategy Builder- Flow is the future!!

Use Apex actions in flow to integrate external data sources and information from your Salesforce org into your strategies. You can connect to any number of EXTERNAL SERVICES: connect to an external endpoint such as a credit service provider AND easily bring back the logic, , For example say experian provides a RESTful interface for accessing credit score information. You can integrate the REST API, bring back the score . here and use that to filter out a few recommendations. Its basically a call out to Apex. So that helps with the business rules.

In Beta/GA version of NBA in flow you will have access to Einstein Load node from Einstein  Recommendation Builder* directly integrated ( with the Recommendation strategy process type. However you can use Apex actions as mentioned above to call any Prediction service and retrieve these values in the flow. 

*Requirements for ERB  Contact your Account Executive to learn more on ERB

Before you activate a recommendation strategy test it thoroughly to make sure that it works as expected. Use the debug option in Flow builder to test the flow. This is analogous to the Inspect option on Strategy builder. 

To create or manage recommendationsModify All Data or Manage Next Best Action Strategies
To open, edit, or create a flow in Flow Builder:Manage Flow
To create and save Lightning pages in the Lightning App Builder:Customize Application
To view Lightning pages in the Lightning App Builder:View Setup and Configuration
To run a recommendation strategy on a Lightning record page:Run FlowsORFlow User field enabled on the user detail page
To create, edit and delete custom report types:Manage Custom Report Types
To view recommendation metrics data:Modify All Data or Manage Next Best Action Strategies

We are considering building a migration tool and would love feedback on it. However, we definitely will have some templates on the Beta/GA version to help you get started. 

NBA on Flow Beta/GA (Winter/Spring ‘22 Safe harbor applies ) 

  1. Strategy Builder Parity elements: Filter ,Map, Branch Selector, Limit Reoffer elements will be added to the Recommendation Strategy process type.  This is to get to functional parity with Strategy builder. Beyond parity, the following features will be built. 
  2. Enhanced Reporting 
    1. Access to RecommendationReactions BPO for Reporting
    2. Reporting with dynamic recommendations created with Generate node
    3. Enabling sharing access on the object so access can be limited to reports for Business Users without giving access to the builder
  3. Enhanced Display 
    1. Mobile support for Display component
    2. Recommendation Reason: Ability to surface why a recommendation is surfaced along with Einsetin score if driven by a model 
    3. Capture Rejection reason
    4. Multi strategy support
  4. AI based Recommendations with Einstein Recommendation Builder*  
    1. Integrate AI in recommendations
    2. Low code Einstein integrated with NBA

*Requirements for ERB 

  1. Other platform features and much more : 
    1. Support for higher number of loads: Support of  upto 50000 loads (Up from 2000 loads currently supported)
    2. Triggered Recommendations: Support for triggered/scheduled Recommendations 
    3. Sub-strategies: Reference a subflow from within a flow

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Happy Next Best Actioning! 

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