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Welcome to the unofficial source of resources for the Salesforce Scheduler product. Here, members of the community seek to provide a starting point for all useful Scheduler information. Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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From Sunil Nandipati: Deploying Salesforce Scheduler from Sandbox to Production Environments

Preface Customers who have a streamlined development processes typically use multiple non-production environments (one for each probably – development, QA, integration, data migration, SIT and UAT). And it is a general practice that development teams develops in development sandboxes first, check in their code to a repository and adds instructions to deployment trackers – for […]

By Mrityunjoy Chowdhury: Bulk Shift upload with recurring Shift and Add multiple topic and channel

Bulk Upload Shift for Recurring Shift Follow the previous steps to know how to upload shift in bulk. Bulk Recurring Shift recording Bulk Shift Topic and Channel recording In recurring shift we have added 2 new fields which will allow users to upload daily weekly and monthly shift. A sample request payload is given […]

From Sunil Nandipati: Scheduling a Contact

Problem Statement With Salesforce Scheduler, it’s easy to embed appointment scheduling into standard Salesforce workflows, such as leads and referrals, opportunities, accounts (and person accounts in the B2C Model) and ALSO cases (as of Winter ’23 release). But NOT for Contacts (with B2B model). In this blog, we will look at options to schedule a […]

From Chris Albanese: Enhancing the Share Availability Feature with Appointment Invitation configurations

Background The Summer ’22 release of Salesforce Scheduler introduces an amazing new feature called Share Service Resource Availability by Using an Invitation URL. This feature allows a service resource to easily generate a URL that their customers and prospects can use to schedule appointments with them. Above: Help and Training Article describing the new feature […]

From Chris Albanese and Chris Hartt – Scheduling 1 appointment with multiple work types

Background What if your business offers appointment booking for multiple services with a single appointment. For example, you offer auto services and allow customers to select from a menu of options, such as oil change, tire rotation, brake service and others. The customer may select 1 service or multiple services, and depending on the services […]

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