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Summer ’20 Preview: New Lookup 3.0 with Custom Property Editors and ‘Add New Record’

If you have a Summer ’20 org (Preview Releases available now, Sandbox Preview on 5/30), you can try out this cool new Lookup component. On the Flow screen, it provides searching, pills support, and an optional ‘Add New Record’ capability:

When the user clicks Add New Record, a modal record form is shown (using the latest version of RecordDetail, which can also be used standalone in flow screens), and the layout fields corresponding to the running user’s profile are shown. In the property editor, it looks like this:

Developer Notes

“Display which Field” and “Output which Field” use the latest version of the PickObjectAndField component. As before, this version provides the ability to drop an Object and Field picklist pair into your custom property editor. The latest version adds the ability to provide a list of all available Flow merge fields. This allows the flow designer to set the object dynamically

Comparing the Lookup Components

The existing community Lookup component has some features that are not yet available in Lookup 3.0, most notably some advanced ways to filter the Lookup values. Since it’s written in older Aura technology instead of Lightning Web Components, it won’t be able to get a custom property editor and we expect Lookup 3.0 to become the community component of choice.

The official Lookup component has the benefit of being a true, supported out-of-the-box solution. It’s on the roadmap to add some of the features of Lookup 3.0 to the official Lookup component.


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