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The Flow-Enabled Version of the Next Best Actions Lightning Component

The Flow-Enabled Version of the Next Best Actions Lightning Component

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The Next Best Action lightning component, affectionately known by the NBA team as the NBA widget, executes NBA Strategies and displays the resulting recommendations on pages:

Einstein Next Best Action is the Salesforce decisioning layer that complements Flow, and it’s free to try. Learn more here.

This component can be used programmatically as a component in Aura-based lightning component applications. In this regard, it’s identical to all of the base components at

To use the component, invoke it in your aura container like this:

Note that the lightning:availableForFlowScreens is only necessary if you want the component to appear in a Flow Screen.

You can see in the example the attributes that are publicly available:

strategyNameString required=”true” access=”GLOBAL” description=”The unique name of the recommendation strategy to execute.”
recordIdStringaccess= “GLOBAL” description=”ID of the current record being viewed.”
orientationStringaccess=”GLOBAL” default=”vertical” description=”Whether to display the propositions horizontally or vertically. Valid values are vertical and horizontal” />
maxPropositionsInteger access=”GLOBAL” default=”4″ description=”The maximum number of propositions to display.” Important: if you pass a null value to this field, Salesforce will fail with a cryptic error message.
labelStringaccess=”GLOBAL” description=”Text to display as the header for the component.”/>

In the above example, the wrapping component uses the lightning:availableForFlowScreens interface. This causes the NBA component to be available in Flow Builder to be added to screens:

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