Participating in the Wiki

  1. Wiki pages use “Article” technology instead of Page or Posts. The best way to create a new wiki Article is to go to an existing wiki page, and click the drop down menu to the right of the green Publish button. 
  2. Add new articles freely, but only if you’re adding coverage for a new topic.  
  3. Topics should be conceptual and not specific. So “Custom Settings and Metadata” is a good topic, while “Sample Flow Showing Custom Settings” is not (although it would be a great blog post subject).
  4. When you add an article, copy the boilerplate content from a full existing article, such as the footer with the Contribute to this Wiki link. 
  5. An article should have a clear focus. In that respect, it’s different from a typical blog post.
  6. Cross links between articles are highly encouraged.  

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