UnofficialSF introduces radical new highlighting scheme

Sometimes, one person can change the world. And in this case, that one person is Brian Doogan, who wrote:

Now, some might call this harsh criticism. But here at UnofficialSF, we share the Salesforce enthusiasm for honest, true conversations and real feedback. So we took it to heart and innovated this dramatic new ‘blue’ selection technology:

Of course, doing this kind of advanced work increases the cost of maintaining UnofficialSF, so starting immediately, we’ll be charging $1/day via anonymous bitcoin for access to the site. Address any concerns on that front to Brian, whose email we have conveniently provided above.

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Gidi Abramovich



Sadly I text still disappears when I select it.


Thanks @alex. I’ll try out the fix you suggested.


i always thought this was a feature 🙂 tho seriously it still disappears for me.


LOOL! Love it. I just love this blog. It saves my life since 3 months ago when I started using it!

Jack Pond

Representing the unfortunate “Aesthetically Impaired” identity group, we feel the way to ameliorate wanton behavior of those who display insensitivity to our condition is by submitting formatting suggestions in the manner proposed by Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers; to wit: in writing, on the the back of a $100 bill.



Brian Doogan

It’s an honour to make a contribution to this fine site 🙂

And while I have 2 seconds of your attention: if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the kind of person we’d like to hire! If you live in the london-ish area and are interested in a role in a startup financial services-focused salesforce consultancy, drop me a line:




And if we are on the subject of constructive criticism, maybe you can invest all the bitcoins earned from this update into updating the view From mobile devices 🙂
when viewing the home page on an iPad components display on to of each other and links become un clickable.
thank you for all your hard work