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UnofficialSF is Looking for Volunteer Editors

UnofficialSF is Looking for Volunteer Editors

Want to help the Flow community, work closely with Salesforce Flow PM’s and build your flow knowledge? Become an UnofficialSF editor. 

The general goal we have is to make this the best starting point for flow knowledge. That means tasks like adding links to the high quality flow content being created by the flowhana, such as Jen Lee’s recent article on Flow with encrypted fields, and Rakesh Gupta’s recent post on Local Actions, searching out new undiscovered flow content, culling out obsolete material, and more. 

UnofficialSF is a WordPress site and pretty easy to work with.

Don’t worry that you’re signing up for a big commit. Think of this more like a pool of volunteers that can choose to take on small tasks and drop out anytime.. 

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