Update: Custom Property Editors

Update: Custom Property Editors

Changed Syntax

The Custom Property Editor syntax has changed somewhat going from the pilot version in Spring ’20 to Summer ’20. Any CPE LWC’s created for Spring ’20 need to be modified.

The revised syntax is:

  • flowContext is now builderContext
  • the event that reports a value change has been renamed from ‘valuechanged’ to ‘configuration_editor_input_value_changed’,
  • values is now inputVariables

Updated Beta Documentation

Official documentation is on the way, but for now, you can use this document.

Pilot Perm no longer necessary

Custom Property Editors work on all Summer ’20 orgs without enablement.

New Feature: ElementInfo

If you add the @api attribute elementInfo, Flow Builder will pass information about the element that the custom property editor is part of. The form of this data structure is:

apiName: 'CreateATask', // dev name of the action or screen
type: 'Action', // or 'Screen'

This can be useful if the flow has multiple instances of a particular action, and the CPE wants to know which one it’s being invoked by. In some cases, the CPE might want to pass this information to a server process.

New Feature: ValueDelete event

If the user deletes an existing value, report that back to Flow Builder by firing the ‘configuration_editor_input_value_deleted’ event

Removed Feature: ‘Property’ attribute has been removed