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Upsert Records Now Can Take a JSON String

The upcoming Quick Records use case enables the user running the flow to specify an object then and there. To make that work, some of the components have been enhanced to support an alternative JSON input solution. For Upsert Records, this takes the form of two new optional inputs:

serializedRecordDatatext. This should be a JSON string of key value pairs where the keys are the names of fields on a single object. for example: {‘AnnualRevenue’: ‘400000’, ‘Rating’: ‘Hot’}
objectNamethe name of the object that the serialized key value pairs belong to. Example ‘Case’

Datatable is being updated to output these two pieces of data, and they are also available in the outputs of the imminent Quick Record component. So the idea is that you would use those components to make changes to records (through inline editing, filtering, and the like) and then you’d pass the resulting serialized record data to this Upsert, which now knows how to turn the string back into records and save them.

Available as of Version 1.32.

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