Contributing to the Wiki


Everyone interested in Salesforce Automation is warmly invited to help build this wiki out. If you have some information to add, please add it! Don’t worry about it being perfect. With a wiki, everyone provides corrections and adds value and new content. If you see a mistake, please fix it. If you make a mistake and it gets fixed, don’t worry about it.

Pretty much any kind of content that’s on topic is desirable. The wiki loves links to existing posts and pages. In general, we don’t want to duplicate information. On the other hand, extracting key insights from long blog posts and using them in the body of a wiki page is great (Just make sure to also provide a link to the blog post somewhere on the page; as with everything UnofficialSF, we want to push visitors to all the great content being created by the Flowhana.


About this Wiki Software

This is the best plugin we’ve found so far for enabling collaborative contribution to pages. We’re in touch with the developer of it and intend to drive some improvements, such as adding comment threads to the bottom of each page.

If you’d like to suggest an improvement to this wiki portion of UnofficialSF, add it here.