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Introducing Flow Orchestrator

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At the online Dreamforce Keynote on December 2, Marc Benioff and Sarah Franklin introduced Einstein Automate, a new message that describes the full range of the Salesforce automation solution. Sarah’s area of ownership includes the Automation Services team that includes Flow, Next Best Action, Process Builder, Workflow Rules, and Approval Processes.

As part of this announcement, Salesforce debuted Orchestrator, which I believe will be one of the most impactful products that Salesforce has produced in years. Orchestrator takes a wide range of rich, sophisticated, and complex business process use cases that require code today and makes them easy to create with clicks.

To get an introduction, start with this part of the Dreamforce Keynote:

Orchestrator’s key message slides:

We’ll publish more preview information on Orchestrator in the months to come.

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