The Unofficial Orchestrator Home Page

Orchestrator is a new product that orchestrates multiple flows to enable sophisticated business processes to be built without code.

Orchestrator is generally available and is available to try on all orgs.


New! Official Salesforce Incident Management Demo

Eigensonne Demo

Pratima’s Demo

Andy Schmeichen’s Demo

ISV Highlight: Approval Processes on Orchestrator


(Note that these were shot on a pilot version of Orchestrator so they can be a little misleading. However they’re still useful as a walkthrough)

Intro Post

Official Documentation

Trailblazer Group

Check out the Beta of CMS Approval Processes Powered by Flow Orchestration

A growing number of Salesforce internal product teams are building their products on Flow and Flow Orchestration. One of the first orchestration-based solutions to become available is the new approval process feature in Salesforce CMS. Below, you can see a custom Work Guide on the right featuring a screen flow that’s part of a larger […]

How to add additional employees to your Flow Orchestrations at no cost

Flow Orchestration has a unique licensing characteristic: when you purchase it, you can request no-cost Salesforce Workflow Orchestration User licenses for employees that aren’t already on Salesforce. These licenses are limited but are designed to enable employees who don’t normally have a need for Salesforce to participate in Orchestrations. This works because Flow Orchestration is […]

Guides to Flow and Flow Orchestration at DF ’22

Here’s the Trail Map of Flow-centric Activities: The links don’t work in these images, but you can search for them here. For Flow Orchestration, focus on the following: How to Automate Any Business Process Do More with Less Using Automation and App Dev Interactive: Workflow Orchestration Supercharge Slack with Flow Actions and Orchestrator. Automate Your […]