The Unofficial Orchestrator Home Page

Orchestrator is a new product that orchestrates multiple flows to enable sophisticated business processes to be built without code.

Orchestrator is in Beta and is available to try on all orgs. Note that pricing and licensing has not yet been announced.


Eigensonne Demo

Pratima’s Demo

Andy Schmeichen’s Demo


(Note that these were shot on a pilot version of Orchestrator so they can be a little misleading. However they’re still useful as a walkthrough)

Intro Post

Official Documentation

Trailblazer Group

New ‘Eigensonne’ Orchestrator Demo from the Orchestrator Team

This video shows an actual orchestration created by Orchestrator product manager Abhishek Sharma in collaboration with pilot Orchestrator customer Eigensonne:

In this demo, you can see Orchestrator’s new beta features, including autolaunched flow support and go-to connectors for routing to a previous stage.

Learn more about Orchestrator.