Adaptive Case Manager – Introduction

The Advanced Case Manager app is designed to address cases that require an orchestrated set of business processes.

It builds off of the advances that have been made with Flow for Service and the Guided Action List. Each case status value is associated with multiple flows. The designer can set up the following relationships:

  1. Some flows can be marked as required. This means that before the user can transition the case status, the required flows must have been completed.
  2. Flows can have predecessor/successor relationships. Before flow B can be started, flow A must be completed
  3. Extra steps can be added in the field on an ad-hoc basis. These ad-hoc steps become part of a particular case but don’t affect the main case plan. This is good for cases where the approach varies from case to case.

Adaptive Case Manager

Before Starting

  • Familiarize yourself with your org’s Case Record Types. You will want (and need) to define Case Plans on a per-RecordType basis.
  • Make sure My Domain is enabled on your target org.

Install Adaptive Case Manager