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Flexcard V1.2 Allows Immediate Transition on Click

The original mode of Flexcard is designed for each card to have a number of pop-up subflows. You can now choose a different mode of operation by setting the boolean input TransitionOnClick to True. When you do this, each card becomes a button and clicking on the card causes an immediate transition. Check it out […]

Datatable v3.3.0 – Save and Retrieve Configuration Settings

The latest release of the Datatable component adds a major new feature. You can now Save and Retrieve settings for your Column Configurations. If you find yourself adding identical or similar Datatables to multiple flows, this will be a tremendous time-saver. Check out the updated documentation for all the details on how to take advantage […]

Convert To Flow Now Migrates Workflow Rules to Flow

This new update to ConvertToFlow adds the ability to create Flows from Workflow Rules. Most WFR are supported, although Flow doesn’t support Outbound Messages yet and is not expected to support Recursion. Here’s a video showing some conversions: Install Here

From Forcelution Apps: Enhanced Approval Requests

We wanted to give Forcelution Apps a chance to talk about the functionality they add to Approval Requests with their Enhanced Approval Requests extension. It’s available as a free version and as a paid, supported, enhanced version. Filling Gaps Salesforce out of the box provides the ability to submit and process records for approval. This […]