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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Building a ‘Direct Screen Access’ Flow

Sometimes the user requirement calls for the person running the flow to be able to hop between screens at will, moving from any screen to any other screen. Our general advice has always been: you can do it but you need to built a navigtional button bar that looks something like a path component. I […]

Compare text with the FuzzyWuzzy algorithm invocable

User munawirrahman over on Medium posted a neat Invocable that makes use of the ‘FuzzyWuzzy’ algorithm to compare the similarities between two text strings in Flow. Check it out

IsChanged and Triggered Flows

Jodie Miners has written another excellent review covering some new Flow features in the Spring 21 release. This time she explains how to use the Prior Value feature in triggered Flows. Read the full post here.

Formula Fields and Triggered Flows

Jodie Miners has written about all the ways Formula fields can be referenced in Triggered Flows in the Spring ’21 release. As of Spring ’21 sandbox testing: Formulas CAN be used in trigger conditions on before save flow triggers Formulas CAN be used in trigger conditions in after save flow triggers Formulas CAN be used […]

Learn how to Debug Triggered Flows and Parse Multi-Select Picklists with these New Posts from Vibhor Goel

Vibhor has a great site called Accidental Coder – A Salesforce Blog. Here are two recent posts to help you learn new ways to debug flows and to work with multi-select picklists. Test and Debug Record Triggered Flows in Salesforce Parse Multi-Picklist Values in a Flow with an Apex Action