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From Gerald: Using Flow to Create a Synchronized ‘Co-Work’ Chat Session

Gerald Ehret-Franck is a Salesforce Principle Solution Engineer (previously he came from Rivia) who has crafted a powerful combination of extensions that enable flows to be inserted into chat sessions and used to managed those same chat sessions. The pinnacle of his achievement, though, is this surprisingly easy-to-implement synchronized coworking solution, where agents can see […]

From Gerald: Enabling Flow Screens to Respond to Platform Events

You can drop this extension into a Flow Screen and use it to respond to platform events by carrying out flow navigation. You can refer to this following post Using Flow to Create a Synchronized ‘Co-Work’ Chat Session to have a example of what you could do with this component! Platform Event The Platform Event […]

From Gerald: Insert Screen Flows into Chat Sessions

It’s easy to inject running Flow screens into Salesforce chat sessions using the new Chat Lightning Web Component Pack. This post covers the basics. You may want to also explore the more advanced Synchronized Chat capabilities you can add in this post. To create a richer chat experience that includes Flow screens, you can replace […]

From Gerald: Manage Chat Sessions from Flow

These two extensions are designed to enable a service agent to use a flow to manage elements of a chat session which rely on the Conversation Toolkit API . The supported features include: Send Message – the message will then be immediately sent Load Message – the message will be set in in the agent’s […]

Luke Freeland Does ‘Get All Fields’ Benchmarking

Continuing his work in Flow Benchmarking (Salesforce Record Automation Benchmarking by Luke Freeland), Luke has done some more interesting benchmarking with performance data on forcing Flow to store all fields in the new ‘Get All Fields’ feature. Interesting stuff and worth considering when forcing Flow to truly store all of the fields in a record […]