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Welcome to the new Service Cloud Channels Section

UnofficialSF.com has added a new section devoted to Service Cloud channel functionality, which is increasingly driven by flow-based services. Check it out here. If you know of a good post or page on the topic, don’t hesitate to let us know via the form on the home page.

Build your first Omni Flow

So, you’re ready to build your first Omni Flow? Here’s a quick blog post to walk you through some of the basics. We’ll set up routing for a Case, but the fundamentals here will be true for other channels like Voice, Chat, SMS, Leads, Custom objects, or whatever you want to route. In your Omni […]

Omni-Channel Flows, an Introduction

Introduction With Salesforce, we’re fortunate to have an incredibly powerful and flexible work/channel routing engine, that has helped thousands of customers to automate the assignment of Support Cases. With great power and flexibility though came a lot of variation in the setup options available. Whether it was Case assignment rules, Queues on Chat buttons, Skills-based […]

Upsert Records Now Can Take a JSON String

The upcoming Quick Records use case enables the user running the flow to specify an object then and there. To make that work, some of the components have been enhanced to support an alternative JSON input solution. For Upsert Records, this takes the form of two new optional inputs: serializedRecordData text. This should be a […]

36,000 Point Slamdown From Ryan Mercer: You can now create “Web-to-Case” that supports Case Attachments

15 years ago an Idea popped up on the Idea Exchange. The Idea was simple enough: “I would like the ability to generate or write into the HTML code the ability to attach files to cases before they are submitted through the online form.” Unfortunately the implementation is tricky. So tricky that Salesforce had to […]