Complete the New Survey from the Salesforce Automation Design Team!

I’m pleased to pass on this new survey from the Salesforce Automation Design Team. I highly encourage everyone to fill it out. These are the key designers who are at the heart of all the changes we make to the user experience of Flow and Flow Orchestration. Giving them your latest thoughts on functional gaps, […]

ISV Spotlight: Forcelution’s Approval Orchestrator – A Fast, Easy, and Intuitive way to build the ultimate approval process in Flow!

Flow Orchestration and Flow are the future of automation in Salesforce. With Flow Orchestrator, admins can build highly customizable approval solutions to suit all of their business requirements. The new However, Approval Orchestrator from Forcelution extends Flow Orchestration to provide the best combination of flexibility, ease of use, and power! This Salesforce add-on is now […]

Understanding Your Salesforce Approvals Choices

The world of approvals has gotten richer and more complex in the last year or two. Here’s a summary of your options. ‘Legacy’ Approval Processes We informally use the word “Legacy” here at Salesforce when talking about Approval Processes, the classic technology available in Setup at no additional cost: In evolutionary terms, if you’ll permit […]