Check out the Beta of CMS Approval Processes Powered by Flow Orchestration

A growing number of Salesforce internal product teams are building their products on Flow and Flow Orchestration. One of the first orchestration-based solutions to become available is the new approval process feature in Salesforce CMS. Below, you can see a custom Work Guide on the right featuring a screen flow that’s part of a larger […]

How to add additional employees to your Flow Orchestrations at no cost

Flow Orchestration has a unique licensing characteristic: when you purchase it, you can request no-cost Salesforce Workflow Orchestration User licenses for employees that aren’t already on Salesforce. These licenses are limited but are designed to enable employees who don’t normally have a need for Salesforce to participate in Orchestrations. This works because Flow Orchestration is […]

Guides to Flow and Flow Orchestration at DF ’22

Here’s the Trail Map of Flow-centric Activities: The links don’t work in these images, but you can search for them here. For Flow Orchestration, focus on the following: How to Automate Any Business Process Do More with Less Using Automation and App Dev Interactive: Workflow Orchestration Supercharge Slack with Flow Actions and Orchestrator. Automate Your […]