New features have just been added to the Datatable component

For the latest on the Datatable component, please go here: Datatable – Lightning Web Component for Flow Screens

DatatableV2 Flow Screen Component

There is now a new Output Parameter that passes back the number of Selected Records.  This helps with being able to easily check later in your Flow to see if any records were selected.  This feature can also be used to set Component Visibility for components on the same Screen as the Datatable.

Another new Parameter lets you set the Datatable as Required.  This will keep the User from advancing past the Screen if no records are selected.

When just a single record is selected in the Datatable, a new SObject Output Parameter will be populated with the single selected record in addition to the standard SObject Collection Output Parameter.

Another new feature for Datatables displaying just a single record is the appearance of a Clear Selection button.  This button will be made available once the single record has been selected using the standard Radio Button.

You can now add a Header Icon and Header Label to the entire Datatable.

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes include:

  • Spinners will be displayed when sorting & filtering data
  • Picklist and Multi-Picklist Labels will be displayed instead of the API Names
  • The link to the record for the object’s standard Name field can be suppressed
  • The Configuration Helper now uses the Flow Base Components version of the DualListBox component
  • Column Field Names attributes are now recognized with case insensitivity and even if missing the __c suffix