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Dreamforce 2023 Omni-Channel presentation

For those that were unable to make our presentation at Dreamforce, you can find the content here! The slide deck that we presented is below – for each of the 5 tips, there are posts on this website that dive into more details, however first, we announced that ‘Enhanced Omni-Channel‘ is now GA! Check out […]

Best practices for Status-Based Capacity with Omni-Channel

This post is to describe how and when to setup and configure Status-Based capacity in Salesforce, when using Omni-Channel routing, including some common pitfalls and how to avoid them. One of the big issues we hear a lot is that admins will configure agents to have really high capacity numbers, so that they are always […]

Blending Phone and Chat channels together

When Service Cloud Voice launched a couple of years ago it was a game-changing opportunity in so many ways. There were a lot of problems that it solves for, particularly on the User experience and swivel chairing between the Phone system and the Agent Desktop, but an interesting one was that companies could now use […]

What is Enhanced Omni-Channel?

Maybe you’ve heard about “Enhanced Omni-Channel” in our release announcements, or maybe saw a great new feature in a demo that you don’t have access to and want to learn more. You are in the right place! Let’s answer some common questions about Enhanced Omni-Channel, and get you excited to upgrade to a whole new […]