Sales Use Case Examples for Next Best Action

These are good examples of how you can use Next Best Action to empower sales teams! Advanced NBA: Using Apex Actions to Empower Team Manager to Set Team Priorities via Next Best Action Recommendations Building a Scheduled Alert Generator with Next Best Action and Flow

Creating NBA Recommendations from Salesforce Records

Sometimes you want to generate recommendations from records. For example, you might want to recommend a set of Accounts that should be worked on, or a set of Leads that should be processed. You can load records of any type using the Load Element. Here, for example, a set of Asset records are loaded in: […]

Pilot other considerations and requirements: Einstein Next Best Action on Flow(Blog 3 of 4 series)

If you haven’t already, check out these blogs for an Overview of the pilot and a detailed tutorial! How do I get access to this pilot feature? PILOT REQUIREMENT: General Requirements Reach out to your AE to get nominated for the pilot, we will turn on the pilot perm on your Sandbox and you are […]