How to Only Expose The NBA Component to Users with Unlimited Requests

Suppose you want to display recommendations only for users that are licensed to make unlimited requests. You can do that in App Builder: Here, we make use of the Standard Permission ‘User Has Unlimited Next Best Action Strategy Executions’:

Sales Use Case Examples for Next Best Action

These are good examples of how you can use Next Best Action to empower sales teams! Advanced NBA: Using Apex Actions to Empower Team Manager to Set Team Priorities via Next Best Action Recommendations Building a Scheduled Alert Generator with Next Best Action and Flow

Creating NBA Recommendations from Salesforce Records

Sometimes you want to generate recommendations from records. For example, you might want to recommend a set of Accounts that should be worked on, or a set of Leads that should be processed. You can load records of any type using the Load Element. Here, for example, a set of Asset records are loaded in: […]